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Immortal Gaming started with one man, myself, Nicki Lloyd. I am a married man with a daughter and I enjoy playing games of varying kinds. I wanted to start creating my own games after seeing it done so many times and, knowing I had the imagination for it, started working on what quickly turned into a dozen game ideas. After a couple attempts at making games, I had to look into creating games more seriously. Realising my mistakes, I quickly learned from them and moved on. 

Since then, with the support of my Wife and many other gamers, I have been able to successfully create the game Immortality which was successful in funding during a Kickstarter campaign. 

This has encouraged my passion even more so I have been working on several of my other game designs including the second game in the Immortality series, currently going by the name "Into Hell".

Jigsaw Jumble is also far along in it's development and has even had numerous successful play tests so please watch out for more coming on this game soon.

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